We believe
in design that brings value.

We believe
in design that brings value.

Branding today is about experiencing the brand, emotions it evokes. It is not only a logo, visual identity or website, but rather a system whit all communication channels and points of contact. We offer complete solutions from naming and logo design to communication and style guidelines.

Our service


Strategic Thinking

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Tons of communication
Story brand
Product architecture
Research, benchmarking



Visual identification
Brand Book,
Brand Guidelines
Tone of voice
Retail interiors



Social Media
Animated banners
Google Ads

Benefits for your business

We know the challenges you face as a beginner or a small businessman.
Thanks to our cooperation and experience, we can achieve the business goals.


The strategy will answer the most important questions you should ask:

What’s my brand?

Who is my client?

What values does my company bring?

What are my differentiators and what are my advantages?

How and what to talk to my clients?

What communication channels to use?

What is the customer’s shopping path?

Evoke and strengthen positive emotions and opinions about the product or service thanks to well-designed visual identification.

Convince your audience about the high value of the product.

Strengthen your brand recognition.

Sell more thanks to well-designed advertising materials, advertising materials.

In the world of the Internet, you can easily and effectively build your company’s image thanks to the available channels, including: website, social media, sponsored advertising, newsletter, blog.

We can precisely reach our target group.

Effectively establish contact with customers and conduct a dialogue with them.

It is easier for customers to find and familiarize themselves with our product.

Do you have a project or idea to implement?
We will be happy to help you.

WOW studio.
We are not
advertising agency.

We are a small design studio. We create cooperation of people with passion and many years of experience that we have gained while working for both corporations and small, local companies. We work with partners who are involved in the work on the brand at the right moment. This design model allows us to be competitively priced without losing the value we carry.
Creative director, designer.
Graduate of the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. She completed post-graduate studies with a specialization in Brand Management at the WSB University in Gdańsk. She creates visual identity and brand strategy projects. She has over 10 years of industry experience.

While creating projects for small, local companies, I met many interesting people and great stories – their work is often also their greatest passion. It inspired me to create a space where I help them fulfill their business dreams. Studio We mark™ is a response to the challenges faced by small businesses or novice entrepreneurs.

Milena Marciszewska

Creative director / co-CEO

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